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I just wanted to thank you for the care that you've given me. I also wanted to let you know that you have GREATEST group of nurses, nurses aides, etc. They are the most caring & nice people that have ever taken care of me. Even better than the hospital. The therapists, activities & administrators are just as caring. I am so happy that I was lucky enough to be on the 2nd floor and I am going to miss everybody!


Everyone was so good to my mom....I give everyone credit for working so hard to [take care of every resident]. Thanks again for being so good to my mom.


I like it here. Everybody was nice to me. I'm going to miss it here. I will miss the hot dinners and the nice room. I will miss you all.


I had a good experience here. I was given a lot of attention: good meals, good therapy, and the place is very clean.


The staff was polite and worked me to do my best. The therapy times were flexible, the environment was clean, and the staff was friendly!


The three girls in therapy very very good and helpful.  The food was good. Everyone was good at their jobs. The [staff] who took care of me were great from housekeeping to nursing.


Mom spent four years with you guys. Thank you for all that you did even it was hard to do. You guys were my blessings many times, I appreciate the kind things you did and so did she.


I find this nursing facility very helpful and understanding of his condition; but can voice concerns and the staff is understanding.


George is a resident and my brother. He constantly states as to how he likes living at Terrace View Gardens. George likes the environment, says the food is always good and I know that he enjoys being among the staff and does socialize with the residents that he comes in contact with. It gives me peace of mind to know that George is in a good & safe place.


Thank you for the love and care given to Rose during her stay at Terrace View.

The Garrett Family

Thank you all so much for helping us care for mom this past year. Her final year was a blessed one, in part because of you. You did a wonderful, compassionate job of helping us, help her die. I’ll always be grateful to you & to Tridia Hospice for those last peaceful hours.


Thank you to the entire staff at Terrace View Gardens for taking such great care of my mother. I never had to worry and I never had a complaint. Each and every person cared for my mother with love and respect. Thank you for caring for her when I no longer could.


Thank you for being the loving, caring, and kind people who make a difference in the world. Thank you for the care you provided my brother while he stayed at your wonderful facility. From every, STNA, and social work, love for your patients was shown.


I am a friend of Tammy who was a resident of your facility for quite awhile. This note is sent to thank each one of you who were a part of her treatment and her life there. I was so impressed with all you did for her and her family — especially allowing her to be a part of the marriage of her daughter. I wonder if any other facility would have been so kind and gracious. Blessings to all of you who give so much to your residents!


My family and I visited Dorothy..and we were so pleased with the care she is receiving there. You were all so friendly and helpful! The facility was clean and smelled pleasant. Dorothy looked good, her skin soft, body & hair clean. Thank you for caring so kindly for her!


Aunt Bit…was under the care of many kind and gentle staff of Terrace View Gardens. Among those of note are Jenny, Sandy, Andrew, Tim, Judy, Shana, Deena, Angelina, and Cynthia. Kristen was also very helpful. I am a retired RN. One of my past positions was DON of a long-term care facility. I know the dedication and care that is required of all of you and I am grateful for that. Please share my sentiments with everyone….I was always pleased to note the cheerful atmosphere and the care she received.


Ms. McArthur had a right shoulder surgery performed and was admitted to our facility for rehab. She had been to another long-term care facility two months prior due to an infection in her shoulder. She did not have a good experience at that facility so she came to our facility with negative thoughts regarding rehab. It was difficult to get her to participate in therapy sessions initially due to this along with her pain. After a little over a month stay at our facility, she was able to obtain an independent level of functional mobility to be discharged back to her home safely. She stated in her thank you card to us, “thank you for being so patient with me and staying on my butt to help me get stronger, when I didn’t want to do what I needed to do to get better.

Patti (PTA at Terrace View)

I want to thank everyone for taking care of mom. When she went on her journey home, the 3rd floor nurses were exceptional, they would come to talk to me when I was having trouble with my emotions, the staff made sure I ate; it was the smallest details that I will always remember. And my dear first floor nurses who had mom for 4 years did such an amazing job, and I know there were times she was hard and uncooperative; they always handled it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart; how important you were to me and mom.vcThere is a small detail I can't leave out: the night nurse, Sharell, came into the room and directed a prayer with me, my family and hospice nurse, and after the prayer, mom had gone. It could have not been more beautiful and perfect way for her to leave this earth. That was way beyond what a floor nurse does! It meant so much to me.


During my stay at Terrace View Gardens, I found it to be so comfortable, and the staff was so kind and caring to the patients'. So to all of you, many thanks!


The overall atmosphere at Terrace View Gardens has greatly improved. I appreciated the loving care that I received, especially the caregivers on the first floor. The lunch time staff in the dining room...are very hospitable & caring. The [staff] are very alert to resident needs as well as other helpers. The pleasant atmosphere at mealtimes is contagious. The staff in the therapy department are great, especially Peggy & Colleen, and so are the activities department. They keep our brains & minds working with enjoyable challenges, like Bingo!


Outstanding team!! God bless you all!


My stay here was very, very nice. The staff was really thoughtful....Really, I can't say anything bad about my stay here. The staff was nothing but great!


I am extremely thankful for your physical therapy. They all were excellent in their care. The aides I had were very helpful and understanding. My aide right now is Erica, a truly wonderful, helpful, and happy individual. My second shift aide, May, is also a wonderful and happy person who is very glad to help you. Every one I have been in contact with has been pleasant and very helpful. This is a great family attitude. I hope the place I'm going to is half as wonderful as you guys were. Thank you for everything!


Took great care of Henry Johnson. From the cleaning crew to the nursing staff.


I had a very nice stay in Terrace View Gardens. The nurses are very friendly and they helped me manage my pain by asking me if I need anything. The nurse aids are very nice also, especially Beverly. She is very serious about her work and she does everything very good and organized. For example, making my bed, cleaning my shower, and changing my trash all the time. The therapy also was wonderful. I will surely recommend Terrace View to other people. Thanks again!


It was a good experience; the nurses and aides were all very helpful. The physical therapy program was very good. The food was great. I am definitely 100% better than I was when I came in. They are also concerned for how I will do on my own.


We had a nice stay! [Everything was] clean! Nice and friendly staff. Thank you! I always felt welcome!


I was a patient in the year 2015. Things are mostly the same. Well treated, beautiful staff.


Thank you for your care in my recovery. I am very pleased with your staff and they were so helpful in caring for my needs. I will recommend you all to anyone that needs great service from a caring place like Terrace View Gardens! Thank you for your concern after leaving your facility; your phone calls and advice for anything else I needed. I will give you an A+ for taking care and concern for your patient. God Bless Terrace View!


From the moment we walked in Terrace View's front doors we were treated with kindess & respect. Bob recieved excellent care at every level! His body is healing & getting stronger due to your staff's knowledge & care. Thank you so much -- each and everyone of you need to be told how much you are ALL appreciated!

Robert & Linda

I would like to start out by saying my treatment was top notch 5 star rating. I has a private suite and absolutely loved having an Air Conditioner to control and maintain the temperature at 65 degrees. Your staff is second to none. I would like to compliment 6 of your staff for going above and beyond in their duties:

* My 2nd floor nurse Sandy and her Daughter
* 3rd shift Nurse Drew
* STNA Vicki
* STNA Sharonda
* My Cleaning Lady

They were all tremendous not only in job performance, but also in being friends I could talk to.

The PT department is excellent. Without them I would not be able to crab/monkey climb the stairs to my daughter's 2nd floor apartment (No elevator). They helped me build upper body strength to help with mobility with a wheelchair, walker, and general mobility without assistance.

The Dietitian worked with me to make sure I had plenty of protein to help the healing process. She also made sure I kept on a balanced diet and would check on me monthly to make sure I was satisfied and to see if everything food wise was a-ok.

In closing, I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and GOD BLESS!!! I have told anyone who listen, about the care I received, that if they needed rehab or nursing "Check into Terrace View Gardens"!!!

I will definitely come back, should the need arise.


My experience here has been great! Everybody has been adequate and kind. My therapy has been super! I don’t know what I would do without the help I’m getting. I would be drastically panicked without it. I just want to say thank you. Don’t know what else to say, but it’s from the heart. This place is tremendous.


The nursing aides, nursing staff, and other patient care personnel were all great and very responsive to my needs and questions. The room was always clean. I would recommend Terrace View Gardens to my family and friends!


My husband, Larry, came there after a three-week hospital stay. He has dementia and had suffered a head injury so he needed extensive rehab.

Everyone at Terrace View is extremely helpful and professional. I thank all who worked with him - nurses, patient care aides, PT, OT, speech. Also, the Christmas decor and party were so very nice! I was very pleased with everyone and everything!


[My brother] first became a resident after a massive stroke left him paralyzed on his right side and he had difficulties speaking. In October of 2018, he was diagnosed with stage four cancer and was given six months to live. In that time the nurses and staff were very compassionate and understanding to him. He could be very demanding at times but they were patient with him. I believe he had the best care possible. 
I especially want to thank nurses Barb, Amy, and Andy for being there for him, me, and showing compassion. They went beyond being just a nurse! Thanks to the staff at Terrace View! Thank you!


My son, Jonathan, was a patient for almost four weeks. I think he received good care while he was there from the second floor and therapy staff. Personnel were very kind and professional. Special thanks to Sandy, Jenny, Kayla, and Zach, with whom I had the most interactions. Special thanks for loan of a walker...I would gladly recommend Terrace View Gardens.


My stay here at Terrace View was good. My therapy with Kyla, Zach, Megan, and Susan was great. Kyla and Zach were excellent. My nurse, Sandy, I love her. The other nurses were great [too].
Overall my stay was excellent.


To whom it may concern,
My stay here at Terrace View was good, my therapy with Kayla, Zach, Megan + Susan was great, Kayla + Zach was excellent. My nurse Sandy, I Love her, the other Nurses were great but she was more attentive to my questions and my needs. Overall my stay was excellent.


Terrace View Gardens Staff: I would like to thank everyone at Terrace View Gardens for the kindness, compassion and wonderful treatment you have given our father, Carl... It takes special people to care for the elderly. No matter the role, everyone there plays a vital part in the well being of the residents at Terrace View Gardens and for that my family and I are extremely thankful.


After being in two other nursing homes since 12/2018, Terrace View is a breath of fresh air. Everyone has been kind, polite and helpful. My mom has returned almost 100% to where she was with her mobility and overall health after a fall she had at previous facility. Her wounds are healing and she is getting more services such as therapies and psych services. We are very pleased as family members, with my mom's stay at Terrace View Gardens.


My mom Barbara...has resided at Terrace View Gardens for almost three years. She has been given the best care possible for the health issues that she has. Management/Administrative staff is always available to address any concerns that I have regarding her. Also, any question or concerns that I have has been answered and handled in a timely and professional manner.
I am a frequent visitor and also a part-time employee. When I walk into the facility, it is always fresh and clean, and the staff is very nice. I also have several family (Aunts) members that also visor my mom and they were so impressed with the facility that they had me cousin Collette.. admitted there.
I just want to thank Terrace View Gardens for the wonderful care that they provide for my mom and cousin.


Kudos to the Staff at Terrace View Gardens, they always call and keep the family updated with the status of family members. I feel like my family members are in a safe secure environment, receives good ... care from nursing to social work... Thank you all.


My brother, George, first came to Terrace View Gardens in late 2015 upon the recommendation of his doctor, Dr. R Ghani, who felt that George should not be living by himself. George had been living alone in his efficiency apartment for twenty-seven years and started to demonstrate signs that he should no longer be living by himself and would need monitoring.
At first, George missed his apartment but has greatly acclimated to living at Terrace View Gardens. He often speaks of how nice the staff is, enjoys his meals, and feels like he is in a safe place. Having lived along for those previous years he enjoys having a roommate.


My brother, Dave, was only at your facility for about nine days...While he was there, we were very pleased with his care. The facility was clean and well maintained. All the nurses, aides, therapists, and staff were very helpful and friendly. My brother received rehab during his stay and the family was given a detailed report at our care conference. Dave was given a very thorough evaluation and care plan. We have recommended Terrace View Gardens to everyone we speak to. Thank you all so much for your great care during this very difficult time for our family.


My father has been a resident on the third floor for the past couple of years. His treatment and care has been great!
Every member of the staff that we have dealt with has been courteous, kind, and very helpful - from the receptionist to the nurses, cleaning staff, administration. Anyone I have dealt with has been a pleasure.
Our family thanks everyone for their help in care of dad.


I am thankful for all you have done for my dad, Tom. He is clean, fed, and taken to the doctor. These are all things he was not doing for himself. I appreciated the phone updates and that you take him to his appointments. Thanks for all you do!


Thank you to all the staff!

Anne S.

Our family was pleased with the care my sister received at Terrace View Gardens.
Between the social workers knowledge and the assist of therapy, we were able to bring her home. It was very hard not to be present, because of the COVID situations, but with the reassurance from Christina and the staff, nurses, and aides, we were put at ease.


My Mom, Christine, stayed at Terrace View Gardens. She had the best care; no one was unkind. Every staff member was pleasant. Eilene was very kind when I would call to check on my mom. Latonya & Monica are aides at the facility. They treated mom with respect, was always there for her. Amy & Raymond are awesome nurses. If my mom ever had to stay anywhere but home, it will be at Terrace View Gardens. The physical therapy team is the best Jill is awesome! Thank you to everyone! You're the Best!


My experience was good, the staff was great. My time spent there was good. I got the care I needed. I was treated with respect and dignity. My PT and OT were great, they worked me back to shape or back to health. Especially Jill: good person, good therapist. I would recommend Terrace View Gardens to my family and friends. Nurses [are] excellent - all of them [are] caring and professional.


The nurses and aides and all the staff have been wonderful to me. They all have a very caring and loving nature and I am grateful for this.


I appreciate the weekly covid updates on loved ones now. I was also given a copy of my nieces financial statement so that I know what funds are available to her. The outdoor window and tent visits were wonderful. I wish we were able to enter the building for visits but I understand. Lastly the upcoming phones in the residents rooms are a plus. So glad they're finally getting them. Thank you.


I do want to express my total satisfaction with the care that my brother, George A. Gee, is receiving.

I appreciate the updated phone calls that Carrie gives me regarding George's Covid-19 test results and informing me of his receiving the vaccine shot on January 13, 2021.

When George was diagnosed with having the Covid-19 virus and also with having Pneumonia last July, I was made aware of his constant care during the treatments/therpay.

Kudos to Terrace View Gardens and their entire staff.


I want you to know that my entire family, including my father, know that we absolutely made the right choice in placing my mom at Terrace View Gardens. You, the nurses, the nurses assistants, the maintenance people, just everyone there was so very kind and compassionate in the short days my mother was with you in her care. We cannot thank you enough for the care and support that was given to my mother.

This whole thing has been somewhat of a nightmare… but Terrace View was not part of that nightmare. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that was done for our family. The fact that I requested her room to be painted with the caseworker and the very next day, which was when my mom woke up unresponsive, the painter showed up at 9am to paint her room… goes above and beyond. Words can not describe the thanks we have.


I am happy with the care my niece is receiving at Terrace View Gardens. I was especially pleased that patients/residents have personal in-room phones now. I am also pleased of the fact that whenever I enter Terrace View Gardens there are no foul odors… I truly appreciate the ability for in person visits. Please keep up the good work!


I’m very satisfied that George is at Terrace View Gardens as I find no fault in his care and maintenance by the entire staff. My questions are always answered in a satisfactory manner. I would recommend terrace view gardens to anyone seeking a safe place for their loved ones.


I have had a wonderful experience. The nurses were great. Nurses Aides were excellent. I would definitely recommend this facility. My therapist and physical therapist were great. I am glad to choose this facility. I have met so many wonderful people. Thanks everybody for all you have done for me.


I am sad to say we actually regret not finding TVG a long time ago! Our parents received the worst care ever at the 1st N.H. we placed them in! I am very happy to say we found you when we did! Mom was very adamant during her Hospital stay in Feb that she did NOT want to go back there! She/we never had any complaints nor regrets moving her to TVG! All the Employees seemed to care for her and take care of her like no other! I believe she felt comfortable and appreciated all of the care/attention she received as much as we did. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you so much!


I am so impressed with this facility and all the staff – Every department is so sweet and helpful. They go out of their way to get you what you need or direct you to the person who can help you. I would recommend this facility to anyone. Even though I was only here for short-term rehabilitation all the staff shows an interest in you as a person and doesn’t treat you like just another patient. All medications were given in a timely fashion even for PRN medicines. You do get a feeling of being as close to home as can be considering the circumstance. I really have no complaints or things to change. You staff can make or break a facility and the staff here are amazing.


I can appreciate the professionalism of the staff and the care and attention that’s given to my niece. I was especially impressed to see the recognition given to the staff by providing lunch and gifts, etc. The gifts provided were numerous and very nice. A happy employee is a productive employee. The same goes for residents who live here. Thank you. Eileen at the front desk is the BEST!


My brother, George, has been a resident of Terrace View Gardens since 2015, and thus far he is at peace and content of living there. He does have a comprehension of understanding and whenever he has concerns he always speaks to me about them and if some of those concerns need to be resolved I have always been given a complete response by whomever staff I speak to regarding the matter.

As always, I say "KUDOS" to Terrace View Gardens and their employees/staff.


It was great, the staff was helpful and committed to helping me get well. My nurses, especially Sandy and Jenny were very helpful. I liked that my therapist always took the time to answer questions and remind me if I was overthinking it or prompt me to do more, always with safety in mind. Your activity director was a help too. I really enjoyed the extra morning coffee and news. Thank you for all you do, and the lovely blanket too.

Carla M.

My brother, George G., is very content being at Terrace View Gardens. Because he was somewhat capable of taking care of himself, he had his own efficiency apartment in Price Hill for 27 years before coming to Terrace View Gardens. Of course, it took him time to acclimate to a different lifestyle of living but he realizes in his own capacity that he is in a safe, good place and has become a more social person, whereas before he was basically a loner.

I contribute his contentment if living at Terrace View Gardens to the kindness, friendliness and good care to the nurses and staff at the facility.

Georgia B.

My husband, Ron Grimmer, has been a patient at Terrace View Gardens since August 2021. At that time, TVG was completely new to me. It did not take very long for me and our family to realize that Ron was going to get good care. We have found the Nurses, STNAs and others to be very caring in their approach and treatment to be used with Ron. The staff has also been very thoughtful and caring to the rest of us. We appreciate them keeping us informed of circumstances and changes with Ron. All in all, we have had a very positive experience.

I also want to acknowledge the pleasant and friendly welcome by the receptionist. Eileen is always welcoming as she is the second shift girl. I also want to add that the office staff that we met with are friendly, professional and helpful, along with reassuring.


I am writing this on behalf of my dad, Ron Landers. This is our second time at this facility for Therapy. Of course, the outcome is different this time. Your staff is and was amazing! This time we got to visit and everyone was just awesome and kind to us and my dad.

Second floor Aids and Nurses took excellent care of him. I wish I was good at remembering names. I remember some but don’t want to give half credit. The Social Worker was very helpful in aftercare plans and helped me make difficult decisions, but the right ones. Thank you to all staff!

Daughter of Ronald L.

I do want to express my total satisfaction with the care that my brother, George A., is receiving. I appreciate the updated phone calls that Carrie gives me regarding George's COVID-10 test results and informing me of him receiving the vaccine shot on January 13, 2021. When Geroge was diagnosed with the Covid virus and Pneumonia last July of 2020, I was made aware of his constant care during the treatments/therapy. Kudos to Terrace View Gardens and their entire staff.

Georgia R.

Terrace View Gardens' staff has shown me how much they care about my brother's well-being. The kindness and professionalism the staff demonstrated is much appreciated. My brother has been a resident at five different care facilities, where the staff did a good job. Terrace View Gardens always kept me informed about my brother’s well-being. I’ve met some great people at Terrace View Gardens and I'd like to say thank you.

William G.

Great facility! Wonderful and caring staff. Should I need rehab in the future, Terrace View Gardens is where I would go. Kudos to Therapy!

Wesley L.

Thank you so much for the awesome care and warm reception our special needs client recently received at Terrace View. Your staff has always been caring and professional with our clients who live there long term and being generous in sharing information and responsive to our concerns. As you know, I have been spending more time as a Guardian at Terrace View Gardens the last few weeks than ever. I was so impressed and grateful that everyone from the front door to the top of the building offered him a generous welcome, attentive care, compassion, and kindness. Even though his needs were sometimes out of the ordinary, you and your staff graciously stepped up and accommodated them. It has been said "Familiarity breeds contempt"; in your case that saying stood on its head. The more familiar I have become with Terrace View Gardens, the more I admire and respect your hard work and the great morale you maintain among your staff. From all of us at Personal Guardianship Services, our sincerest regards.

Jan D.

"God is good all the time."
My sister and I love the care that our mother is receiving. You've helped put a smile on her face again.

Phyllis T.

We were always treated with respect. All staff members were very sweet, so caring, and really took fabulous care of my father until the end. From the entry to the top level, the facility was very clean and smelled good. The meals all looked yummy and most importantly, he ate all of it too. We will highly recommend Terrace View Gardens to anyone needing nursing home care.

Glen M.

Since day one after my brother Herb was admitted to Terrace View Gardens, I have been very impressed by the staff at Terrace View Gardens. The staff takes their vocation very seriously and they do a great job of caring for the residents. My brother recently has been depressed and complained about the care he received. I believe that is due to his own depression. My sincere thanks to all who strive to do a great job in caring for him.

Warren B.

I thank you all for being my mother’s caregivers and friends. You all were the missing family members and friends my mom longer for. I would have never thought a nursing facility could be so thorough. I love Terrace View Gardens.

Denise N.

All of the staff at Terrace View were so helpful and generous with their time. I do mean ALL of the staff. I appreciate everyone at Terrace View and all the help and care that they have provided to our family for many years.

Tim L.